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Branding Manchester

Branding is as important in the digital marketing arena as it is in every area of marketing – in fact even more so as it is your principal method of communicating with your potential customers when they are online. Branding is more than just a logo, it is your ethos, your mission statement, your strapline, your tone of voice and the overall look and feel of your marketing collateral. All these elements need to work together to convey the messages you want to say to your target audience.

Our branding process

It is also important that your brand is easily distinguishable from your competition and creates real stand out in a crowded market. This is why a detailed review of the marketplace is essential if you are considering a brand review. Our branding process will take you through a series of focused discovery workshops to explore your key audiences, your competitors and the wider market environment. Supported with research and insight we will define the key point(s) of differentiation of your brand, product or service.


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Web Design Process

Branding and website design

Before you start thinking about developing a new website, it is important to look at your branding. If you already have a strong, well-established brand then it will be important to reflect this and echo your other marketing collateral when designing your website. If you are a start up, or you are looking to change your branding, you will need to complete your branding update before looking to create a new website.

Branding Agency, Manchester

If you are looking for a branding agency based in Manchester, then get in touch with our experts today for an initial discovery session. We will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Branding phases

Brand immersion

Our team will spend time immersing themselves in the culture and values of your business ensuring they have a deep understanding of your brand position, values, customers and USPs.

Stakeholder engagement

We will deliver a co-creation process engaging with all key internal and external stakeholders to understand all perspectives, and to define the specific requirements for the new brand.

Market research

We have access to world-class market data and insight across a range of sectors. Our recommendations will be based on navigating the ever-shifting global marketplace, but always focused on you, and your brand.

Brand development

Based on the findings of the immersion and research phase we will develop a look and feel for your brand that will fully resonate with your target audience and stand out from the competition.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are a key output of the brand development stage as they ensure that every time you communicate with customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders, the messaging and creative will build and reinforce a consistent brand perception.


Why do brands need refreshing over time?

Often when a brand has been in place for a few years it is hard to imagine changing it. However, design tastes do evolve over time and what felt really state of the art five years ago, may now look out of date. That doesn’t mean to say that you need to totally revolutionise your logo and brand, sometimes just minor tweaks to fonts and colours can make all the difference and will modernise the look of your business in a way that won’t rock the boat. Have a look at how Google have subtly changed their logo over the years to see this in practice.

Why is it important to be consistent with branding?

In many respects there is nothing more important in the art of branding than applying it consistently. It is the repetition of your brand over time that will build awareness and loyalty with your target audience. Conversely a confused brand, which varies in appearance, communicates that you are disorganised as a business and can give out conflicting messages. Ideally your brand should be used consistently across every piece of marketing collateral and on every touchpoint with your customers. And if you share your logo for use by suppliers and partners, make sure they use your brand consistently too.

How will you make sure the right branding is developed for my business?

If you already have clear values and a persona for your brand, then we will work with this to develop a look and feel that fits the unique identity of your business. A lot of companies don’t have this written down in a formal way, but by talking to key personnel within the business and your customers, we can help you to extrapolate your brand personality and the messages you would like to convey via your branding. If there are conflicting views within your business as to the route you want to take, it can be really useful to go through a series of brand workshops so that we can help you to formulate a united vision for your brand.

I already have a logo so why do I need branding?

A good logo design is a great starting point but it is only one element of the components that make up a brand. Think of a brand you love and you will also be able to picture the imagery they use, the look and feel of their website, the tone of voice they use in their advertising and maybe even the values and ethos that the company identifies with. All these elements combine to give your target audience a vision of who you are and whether they want to buy from you. Your logo should encapsulate all these things and act as a shorthand way of communicating your brand strategy to the outside world.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are basically a document that outlines the elements of your brand and how they should be used in practice. They will be created to suit the individual needs of your business but are likely to include items such as the logo, fonts, colours, use of imagery, tone of voice, brand values and marketing collateral. They don’t have to be long and complicated, in fact it is often better if they are really simple and easy to read as this will mean that people will refer to them more frequently. After the time and effort you have put into developing your brand it makes sense to invest in a set of brand guidelines so you can distribute them around your business and ensure everyone uses the new brand consistently.

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