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Bespoke web development using WordPress to create websites which will achieve your current marketing objectives and grow with your business.

What is web development?

Web development, or website development, is the process by which a website is built after designs have been created. Sometimes people use the term website design to refer to the physical creation of a website, but website development in its true sense is the actual coding of the website based on supplied designs. Website developers work hand in hand with website designers to deliver an end product that not only looks great but has the functionality and usability your website visitors are looking for.

There are two main elements to website development – front-end development and back-end. The two can use different types of code, or programming languages, and work together to deliver the finished website. Front-end development refers to the creation of the visual aspects of a website that the user sees such as menus, buttons, images, content, graphics, animations and interactions. Back-end development works on all the parts of the website you can’t see such as databases, integrations and processes. the fast creation of websites via its catalogue of plugins.

WordPress development

At Volume we deliver web development in Manchester and specialise in WordPress which is an open-source platform that enables website owners to manage all content updates on the website for themselves. All our website are built using the following principles:

Modular website build – We build all our WordPress websites in a modular way which means that each website page can be created from a selection of pre-coded modules. Using this modular approach we can make sure that new sections can be added to the website in the future and every page on the site can have a unique feel if required.

Responsive website design – This is the process by which developers ensure a page works across many different screen and window sizes, without the need to build separate versions for each device type. For example the website will need to be scalable so it looks just as good on a desktop as it does on a small mobile screen. 

Open-source technologies – The new website will be built using open-source coding technologies (Including PHP, MySQL, CSS3 & HTML5) giving you full practical & IP ownership of the platform. All websites are built to the latest coding standards (WC3 & WAI) by our talented in-house team. 

Additional functionality with plugins – Core WordPress technology is supported by plugins which will deliver the advanced functionality required for your new website. The majority of these plugins are free – but we will let you know if a specialist, premium plugin is recommended.

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web development

Our web development process

Once we have a signed-off web design suite of templates, we can move on to build the website on our local development servers. At this stage we usually need minimal client involvement as we work to translate the designs into code and a fully functioning website. The website then moves through the following stages in preparation for going live:

Content Planning & Copywriting

The period whilst the site is being coded is an ideal time to work on the copy and imagery for the website. A lot of clients choose to produce the content themselves, but our team of copywriters are on hand to help with this process, either writing copy from scratch or undertaking copy ‘smoothing’. We can also help to source imagery, either by commissioning a photographer, creating illustrations or searching for suitable photo library images.

CMS Handover & Training

Once the CMS is ready, and the core modules of the website are in place, we will invite you to a handover session where we will show you the new site and how the CMS is set up. For the next few weeks you will have our web team on hand to support you as you get to know the CMS and check it does everything you want it to do. You may want to upload the content yourself so you can try out the CMS, or alternatively we can upload the content for you.

Website UAT

When the website content has been uploaded, the site will be pushed to a ‘live’ development environment ready for our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process. This consists of three key elements:

Internal testing: Our internal team will complete a series of rigorous tests to ensure your new website is optimised for all (standard) devices, screen sizes and web browsers (to the latest two versions).

Client testing: The site will be made available so your in-house team can test the entire platform under our guidance. In addition, you can review every page of the website for any pre-launch issues.

Customer testing: Where required, we can allow approved end-users (your customers) to test the new website in order to ensure the platform is ready for launch.

Website Launch

Once everyone is happy with the website, it is time to repoint the domain and set the site live. After go live we offer a range of website maintenance and support packages that will help to keep your new website in tip top condition.


wordpress websites

Next Step: Start Marketing Your Website

Once your new website is live, you are at the start of a very exciting journey. Speak to us about how you can drive traffic to the site by utilising the power of digital marketing. We offer PPC, SEO, Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Content Management services – all designed to generate visitors to your website and deliver conversions.


How long does a WordPress website take to build?

Build time totally depends on the size and complexity of the website. Ecommerce sites and multi-lingual sites tend to take longer than standard brochure sites. However, as a rough guide you should allow 4-6 weeks for a small to medium-sized website and upwards of 6-8 weeks for large corporate sites and ecommerce platforms.

Will my website look like the web designs?

This is the question we probably get asked most frequently and the answer is yes! Your new website will look like the designs – this is where our designer’s keen eye for detail can really help out our development team achieve a pixel-perfect design.

Do you take on development work for existing WordPress websites?

If a client has an existing WordPress website and they would like us to maintain and work on new aspects of the site, this usually isn’t a problem. We would just need to have a look around the site first to make sure it has been built in a scalable way and has been regularly updated. The exception is websites built using very restrictive WordPress themes which have become obsolete as these are usually not suitable for further development.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is the structure which allows non-developers to change content, imagery and other aspects of the front end of a website, without the need for writing code. We find WordPress content management systems to be exceptionally easy to use and if you are used to working with software like Word and Powerpoint – you will certainly have no issues with a WordPress CMS.

Do you offer website hosting?

Yes, we provide website hosting via our partner, WP Engine, which specialises in hosting WordPress websites. All our hosting packages include maintenance so that we can undertake all the software updates your site needs to keep it secure, functioning correctly and ensure you get the longest out of your new website. Hosting package costs vary depending on the size of your website and the volume of traffic to the site.

Do you build Ecommerce websites?

Yes you can see examples of recent ecommerce sites we have built in our portfolio. We use WooCommerce for our ecommerce builds which is an open-source, customisable plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is highly flexible and is suitable for all but very largest of retail sites.

Do you offer website support contracts?

Yes many of the clients we have built websites for take out an ongoing website support contract after go live. These are usually for a fixed number of hours per month and offered at our discounted retainer hourly rate. Support hours can be used for anything from troubleshooting issues to new development work and the numbers of hours can be flexed up or down depending on requirements.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that can adapt to different screen sizes and devices, providing a seamless user experience. As more and more people are browsing the web on mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers, having a responsive website is increasingly important. And if you are looking to improve your SEO it is essential as Google penalises websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

What are WordPress plugins?

Plugins are a form of previously developed code that can be used for anything from SEO to contact forms and enhanced security. They can provide short cuts in the development process and therefore cost savings on your build. However, it’s important to remember that plugins can pose risks to your website if the original creators don’t keep them up to date and your website may need rebuilding as a result. For this reason we only use plugins that have a long standing track record and keep the overall number of plugins to a minimum.

What is a domain name, and how do I choose one?

A domain name is the address of your website that users type into their browser to access it. It is essential to choose a domain name that is memorable, easy to spell, and reflects your brand or business. You can register a domain name with a domain registrar such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, or Google Domains. Don’t be surprised if the name you want is already taken – so prepare to be creative when thinking about potential domain names.

Web Development Phases

Build Phase

Using the signed off Adobe XD designs, our developers create the new WordPress site using a modular, responsive build technique.

CMS Handover

The new site is revealed and we will train you on how the CMS works in a detailed handover meeting.

Content Upload

We will work with you to create content and imagery for the site and upload these via the CMS.

Website Testing

Once the content is uploaded we work through a structured UAT process to ensure the site is fully ready for launch.

Website Launch

Everything is ready for go live and you can show off your new website to the world.

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