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Strategies and campaigns designed to resonate with your social audiences, delivering enhanced conversions and increased sales.

Social Media Manchester

If you are a business looking for help from a social media agency in Manchester, then we can help you with a range of strategic and practical support. Volume Marketing is a Manchester based social media agency and we help our clients to navigate the world of social media for business. If you’re not a digital native then the world of social media can seem like an alien place. But if you want to build your brand then social media should be your first port of call.

Social media strategy

Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube or Snapchat, there will be a social channel that your audience is engaging with and so you need to start posting. However, a few random tweets aren’t going to cut it in this social obsessed era, so you need a carefully planned strategy that will not only build your following, but deliver a return on investment by converting your posts into leads or sales.

Social media and SEO

Although social media can seem like a totally separate area of marketing, it is intrinsically linked to other aspects of the marketing mix and can play a key part in the overall success of you digital marketing campaigns. In particular having active social channels can build your online footprint and therefore crucially help with search engine optimisation.

Influencer marketing

And it doesn’t have to stop there, one of the fastest growing marketing avenues is the engagement of ambassadors and influencers to promote your brand via social media. Finding the right influencer who resonates with your target audience, either on a paid or gifting basis, could revolutionise your brand overnight, so it certainly merits consideration as part of your social strategy.

Volume Marketing - Social Media


What is organic social media?

People use the term organic social media to distinguish it from paid social, or in other words advertising on social channels. Organic posts are those that you post for free whether it be videos, images or other forms of content. Unlike paid ads, organic social posts will only be shown to your followers, or to people that your followers share the content with, unless you include hashtags. Some social platforms will also push organic posts towards users based on the content they already engage with or from brands whom they share mutual connections.

What is a hashtag?

Hashtags tie conversations from different streams together and can be used to increase visibility and engagement. Including hashtags in your organic social posts can link your output to other similar content so that it appears when users search for that particular event or topic. However, they should be used sparingly and only when relevant as overuse can have a detrimental effect.

How often should I post on social channels?

There is no fixed answer to this question as it very much depends on your target audience. However, you should always aim for quality over quantity and make sure your content is informative and highly relevant to your audience. Nothing turns people off more than being fed pushy sales content on a far too frequent basis. You will soon know if you have hit the right balance by seeing if your engagement figures go up or down.

What are boosted posts?

Boosted posts are technically a form of paid social advertising. It is the term used to describe paying for an organic social post to be ‘boosted’ or distributed beyond your immediate following/subscribers. You can choose from a selection of audience groups and highly targeted demographics to boost the post to, so it can be a highly effective way of growing your audience if you only have a small following.

What sort of social posts work best?

Again it really does depend on what industry you are in and your target audience, but as a rule, people tend to engage more with posts they can interact with. Whether this be a video they can watch, a carousel of images they can scroll through or a survey they can take part in, interaction usually wins out over a static image.

Should I vary my posts for each social channel?

It is important to write your post for a specific audience, so posts need to be adjusted to suit different audiences. For example, you would present a post differently on Instagram which is consumer focused and very visual than you would on LinkedIn which primarily has a business audience. That isn’t to say you need to use totally different content – usually similar information can be conveyed, just with a different slant to suit the audience in question.

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