Brand Strategy

Behind every brand is a brand strategy that helps inform the different choices you make as a business. A well-defined brand strategy is at the heart of every successful brand and forms the foundation of the whole branding process.

What is a Brand Strategy?

A branding strategy is a long-term plan that aims to develop your brand in a way that dovetails with your business plan. It will define rules and guidelines on how, what, where and to who you communicate your brand messages. A well-defined brand strategy will result in a consistent brand message and a strong connection with your audience and customers whilst differentiating your business from competitors.  

Brand strategy is often confused with visual branding (logo design, colour palette and marketing collateral) or brand messaging (the tone of voice used in your marketing communications). However, a good brand strategy goes deeper than this and tackles the underlying personality that forms the foundation of your brand. Think of the difference between Virgin Atlantic and British Airways in the airline industry, both convey a very different set of values and have carved out a niche for themselves amongst their competition.

What is the Importance of Brand Strategy?

Branding strategy is one of the most crucial elements of any successful business. If you create a great strategy you can generate customer loyalty, increased sales, a good reputation and a good position in the market. A strong brand strategy is a must if you want to reach your goals consistently. It also provides clarity about the competitive landscape, market positions and customer expectations. Without a brand strategy, it is easy to make decisions that jar with your overall value proposition and present a confusing picture to the outside world

Brand strategy
Brand strategy

6 Key Benefits of a Strong Brand Strategy

  • Defines your purpose 
  • Builds trust with your audience 
  • Differentiates from competitors 
  • Improves team collaboration 
  • Builds company culture 
  • Creates a strong brand identity


Using a Brand Strategy Agency 

Attempting to build a successful strategy can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you’re doing it without support. Brand strategy agencies work to review, refresh and redefine your current strategy, or help build it from the ground up. They will ask key questions such as who you are, what you want to achieve and what your underlying values are so that they get to the heart of your brand.


Brand Strategy Agency Manchester

At Volume, we have worked with many different brands from a variety of different industries and we have formulated a process to guide you through the development of a brand strategy with a series of highly focused workshops. Get in touch with our experienced team and find out how we can help you to build a long-lasting brand that resonates with your target audience