Marketing Collateral

Creating a suite of professionally designed marketing materials will make all the difference to the effectiveness of your communications and leave a lasting impression with your target audience..

What Is Marketing Collateral?

Marketing collateral is the term used to describe the marketing materials that are produced to deliver communications to your target audience. These can encompass both digital assets and more tangible items used for the promotion of products and services.

Different people will interact with communications in different ways, with some preferring to watch a video whilst others may opt to read a brochure. Deciding on the best types of collateral to use will depend on your specific objectives but can include: 

  • Brand logo 
  • Websites & landing pages
  • Social profiles 
  • Business cards 
  • Templated emails 
  • Printed brochures & flyers
  • Exhibition stands & displays
  • Infographics
  • Magazines & e-books
  • Blogs & articles
  • Videos
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Advertising  
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Importance Of Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral acts as an extension of your marketing efforts and provides a touchpoint with your target audience. 

Better customer relationships 

Using unique, brand-specific collateral grabs customers’ attention and keeps them engaged over the longer term, which is key to turning prospects into paying, loyal customers. Finding the right collateral for each point of the customer journey, is pivotal in creating successful long term relationships.

Promotes brand awareness

Marketing collateral is an excellent way to communicate your brand message to a wider audience, as it helps draw in curiosity from those who may not have known about you beforehand. As with any marketing activity, it is important to ensure that all collateral follows your brand guidelines consistently, and echoes your brand’s ethos.

Helps build credibility

First impressions count and in many instances, it is marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards and website links that provide the first point of contact for your business. For this reason it is important that they convey your key messages and that people are able to grasp the essence of what you do at a glance.

Marketing collateral agency 

At Volume, we know that professionally designed digital and printed marketing collateral plays a vital role in communicating what your brand has to offer and your key messages. It is also an important factor in differentiating you from your competitors. If we have designed your logo or branding, then marketing collateral will be a natural progression in this workflow. However, we have also worked with many clients who have an established brand but need some help to supplement their range of marketing collateral. Whatever stage you are at, our expert team are here to help guide you along the way to achieve your goals.