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Ranking highly on search engines requires an effective link-building strategy. We create a high-quality backlink profile that elevates your brand's organic search presence and visibility.

What Is SEO Link Building?

Link building is the process of obtaining links to your website from another website using hyperlinks – also known as backlinks. These links help users navigate from one webpage to the other to access information that is more relevant to their search. 

Google is made up of complex algorithms that are constantly evolving, but backlinks have remained an important factor in how search engines determine which websites rank for which keywords. Your website’s ranking can be significantly enhanced by getting high-priority links from niche-specific websites. Combining link-building as part of your SEO strategy can really help move your website up through the rankings, driving more qualified and organic users to your website. 

Benefits of SEO Link Building

  • Building brand credibility
  • Enhancing brand visibility 
  • Broadening revenue opportunities
  • Introducing new users to your site
  • Forging relationships in your industry 
  • Reducing bounce rates 
  • Boosting the value of your content
SEO link building Manchester
SEO link building Manchester

Why Is Link Building Important?

Increases domain authority 

Domain authority is a measure of how trustworthy a source your website is deemed by the search engines and is scored from 0-100. So, for example, the websites of government bodies, large corporates and public sector organisations like the BBC and NHS will have high ratings. A newly created website will have a relatively low domain authority as the search engines have no historic information with which to judge it by. However, if you can obtain backlinks from websites with high domain authority, their trustworthy status will be in part conveyed through to your site, leading in time to an increase in your domain authority rating.

Improves SERP rankings 

Having a high domain authority rating is an important part of SEO as it is a contributing factor in how Google and other search engines rank their web pages within the SERPs (search engine results page). The higher your domain authority, the better your web pages will rank within the SERPs. Websites that score above 60 have a higher chance of ranking higher, and those with less than 30 will rank lower in SERPs. In this way gaining quality backlinks helps your webpage to be indexed much quicker than via content optimisation alone. 

Boosts referral traffic 

Referral traffic is the term used to describe website visits you receive from other websites, without visitors searching for you on Google. For this to happen they need to click on a backlink and be redirected through to your website. Visitors who find your site in this way will have a strong propensity to view your business as credible if it is linked to a high-profile brand they already trust.

Link building agency Manchester 

Whether you’re just starting out with a new website, or have an established site with a long-standing track record, our tried and tested SEO process can help you deliver great results. Get in touch today for a digital audit and find out how link-building could form part of your strategy.