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Delivering sustainable rankings through the creation of content that will work for users and search engines alike.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is the process of writing content to entice your audience whilst ensuring quality SEO practices are in place to result in high rankings in search engines. SEO content writing includes website copy, product pages, articles, blogs and meta descriptions – all of which need to be considered to deliver a successful campaign. 

It is important to point out that SEO content writing does not mean keyword stuffing. The process of excessively filling content with keywords to gain search engine rankings, otherwise known as keyword stuffing, doesn’t hold sway anymore. These days search engines have sophisticated algorithms built to distinguish relevant and engaging content, from content written with no thought of the audience in mind. This means that using outdated techniques such as keyword stuffing will usually have a detrimental effect on your SEO and could leave you behind the competition. Reaching your audience involves balancing SEO with your unique tone of voice and personality, whilst still delivering the desired message. 

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Importance of SEO content writing

By utilising SEO strategies, a website’s place within search engine rankings can be enhanced organically.  Without a solid SEO strategy in place, your content bears the risk of being swallowed up in all the noise online, meaning it is less likely to be found by your audience. Using the correct strategies to communicate what your business has to offer, and positioning it in the right place to get noticed, is key to having a successful online presence. 

Search engines exist to curate and organise content online so that users can quickly find what they are looking for. They are constantly looking for new content online that will answer user’s search queries in a beneficial way. If you are selling a product or service online then it is important to get your website easily found online and by this we mean on the first couple of pages of search results. This is where SEO content writing comes in, as by structuring your copy in a way that search engines will find easy to interrogate, you will climb up the rankings quickly and sustainably.

Our SEO content writing process

SEO content writing starts with gaining an understanding of a client’s industry and the keywords used to search for their products and services. Before writing any SEO content, we first take time to get to know a client’s brand, audience and goals to get an in-depth understanding of the strategies that need to be used to deliver increased rankings, website traffic, lead generations and ROI. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is often the most time consuming part of the whole SEO process, and it is also the most critical as it forms the foundations of all SEO campaigns. We use a variety of different tools to discover which keywords are most relevant for a client’s particular mix of products and services.

Page Mapping

These keywords are then mapped against the pages of their website in order to formulate an overview of how search engines are viewing the site. From this point we are able to devise a strategy to optimise the existing content and generate new content that will plug any gaps in the structure. Once this roadmap is in place it is a relatively simple process to write content that will rank for a particular group of keywords, by using structured headings, enticing meta descriptions and depth of information on the chosen subject matter.

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SEO Content Writing Manchester

At Volume Marketing in Manchester, we can manage each aspect of your SEO content writing, ensuring that it fits in line with your brand and produces results. We pride ourselves on writing content that will deliver long term benefits for your online presence, rather than temporary quick fixes. SEO is a detailed process and so we will work with you to ensure we understand every aspect of your products and services. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us here.