Target those who have already engaged with your brand by using this cost-effective form of advertising that utilises data to focus in on those most likely to convert.

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the marketing tactic of serving targeted ads to individuals who have already engaged with your brand in some way. It allows you to advertise to those who have already visited your website, your mobile app, social channels or those in your CRM databases, by showing them relevant ads when they visit other websites or search on Google. Website-based remarketing uses a pixel placed within your website to reach individuals who have visited or taken action on specific website pages.


Benefits Of Remarketing 

Most internet users will browse numerous sites when seeking to purchase a product or hire a service. With so many options at their fingertips, it would be rare for someone to purchase the first option they came across. Studies show that only 3% of customers, across all industries, will purchase from a website the first time they visit. Remarketing ads work as a subtle reminder of your brand, product or service to increase the likelihood of a customer eventually returning and finalising a purchase. Other benefits include: 

  • Greater brand awareness 
  • Opportunity to capture abandoned carts 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Increased visibility 
  • Hyper-focused audience targeting 




Google Ads Remarketing 

Remarketing ads allow you to show targeted ads to those users who visited your website but didn’t complete a conversion i.e purchase, fill in a form etc. Remarketing with the Google ads networks allows you to harness multiple creative options and ad types, including: 

  • Standard remarketing 
  • Display remarketing
  • Dynamic remarketing 
  • Remarketing for Mobile apps 
  • Remarketing lists for search ads 
  • Video remarketing 
  • Email list remarketing 

Google Ads retargeting campaigns are powerful as they allow you to stay connected with your audience, even after they have left your website. You can also remarket to special audiences with a userlist. This can be constructed using different audience types: 

  • Visitors to your website 
  • Visitors who took specific actions 
  • Multiple users lists i.e combining two or more user lists 
  • Similar audiences – i.e those with similar interests or behaviours 
  • Customer match lists


Using A Remarketing Agency

Remarketing can have a dramatic impact on your business and business goals, so you need an agency that has experience in using it to grow revenues and deliver high ROI.

At Volume, we work with you to understand your business objectives to create cost-effective, high-performing campaign plans to increase your conversions and keep your brand top of mind for your target audience.  Our Google ads experts bring together their technical and strategic know-how, combined with creativity to provide our clients with effective ad campaigns aligned with their marketing budget.