Google Ads

Utilise Google's advertising capabilities to reach out to your audience on the world's most popular search engine.

What are Google Ads?

Google is the most used search engine in the world. So, if you’re not utilising Google as an advertising platform, you need to ask yourself why. Google holds opportunities for growth and sales with each and every search that users make.

In a Google Ad search campaign, you bid on keywords that relate to your business. When your audience searches for these keywords, you can then show a highly customised text ad to promote your business, products and services. When the prospects click your ad, they head straight to your website.

But search ads aren’t the only advertising vehicle offered by Google, they also work with partners across their network to provide display advertising opportunities on related websites. As the name suggests, display ads allow for a more creative approach and can include images, logos and even video. In fact one of Google’s main advertising partners is YouTube and running campaigns on YouTube provides the ability to effectively target audiences based on their viewing history and demographics.


Google Ads Management
Using a Google Ads Management Agency

When you first look into using Google Ads you will be directed by Google to use Smart Mode. This is Google’s starter product that allows advertisers with little or no PPC management experience to get up and running with a campaign. However, there is little or no opportunity to optimise your advertising using this method and the performance is therefore very much out of your control.

This is where Expert Mode comes in as it allows for precision targeting of keywords, bidding strategies and ad content. Managing Google Ads using Expert Mode is a complex process but it greatly enhances the ability to optimise and control campaigns allowing for a far better ROI. Agencies providing a Google Ads Management Service will be able to utilise this and manage your advertising at a professional level.


Google Ads Management

What Is Included In A Google Ads Management Service?

The full list of tasks involved in optimising Google Ads campaigns is extensive but most Google Ads Management services include: 

  • Forecasting & budget setting
  • Keyword research 
  • Campaign structure planning
  • Ad copywriting
  • Ad extensions and bid adjustments
  • Bidding strategy selection
  • Geographical & audience targeting 
  • Development of a negative keyword list 
  • Conversion tracking 
  • Review of landing pages 
  • Daily monitoring of campaigns to ensure optimal performance
  • Budget control
  • Monthly performance reports & analysis



Google Ads Management Manchester

Here at Volume, we conduct highly focused keyword research to determine the most cost-effective approach to targeting customers searching for what you have to offer. We get to know your business inside and out, along with your competitors and audience groups to gain a comprehensive understanding of what your customers are really searching for, to then be able to develop effective Google Ad campaigns that deliver results.

If you are currently running Google Ads campaigns and not getting the results you are looking for or are interested in trying Google Ads for the first time, then get in touch with our expert paid search team to find out how we can help.