Digital PR

Grow your business by obtaining positive coverage online to build brand awareness and drive traffic through to your website.

What is Digital PR?

Essentially digital PR is the same as traditional PR, but applied to the online space. It is the process of securing a story or feature about your products or services in a media title. However, with digital PR there is the extra dimension of SEO via the power of link building. If an online media owner writes a piece about your brand, they will more than likely include a link back to your website so their readers can find out more. As media websites tend to have a high domain authority, this backlink will deliver a level of authority to your website in the eyes of search engines.

Digital PR can take on many names, but whether you call it digital PR, outreach or link building the end goal is the same – obtaining positive coverage online to drive traffic through to your website.

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Why Digital PR is important?

We have already established that digital PR can deliver backlinks and the importance of this association with high profile online titles should not be underestimated. Acquiring high quality backlinks, organically or through outreach, will contribute to the domain authority of your own website and in turn enhance your ability to achieve high search engine rankings.

However, digital PR is more than just generating backlinks to your website. Done correctly digital PR is all about projecting your brand presence whilst driving SEO at the same time, so that the two link together to create a powerful online presence. It is learning to understand the digital media space, your target audience and what they read online and how to create engaging content that will get published in premium publications. 

Utilising calibrated elements of social media, content marketing, influencer marketing and SEO, successful digital PR campaigns can drive consistent positive brand messaging to exactly where your customers are engaging most. The best digital PR strategies help create a brand story which is then driven by customer experiences, reviews, and support from influencers and brands who now put trust into your business.


Our Digital PR process

Our team of SEO professionals here in Manchester, work to create data-led campaigns that are topical to you and your brand to open up industry-wide conversations, increasing brand visibility and website traffic. We’ll explain every decision, helping to take the mystery out of PR and illustrate just how beneficial it can be to you and your business. 

As a starting point we will conduct an audit on your previous strategies and their success. Alternatively, if this is the beginning of your digital PR journey we are here to help determine what is best for you and your business.

From this point we will work together with you to create a strategy formulated specifically for you and your brand, delivering stronger SERP value. We focus on developing a larger digital footprint for your business that allows you to reach your target audience, customers and prospects but more importantly – lets them find you. 

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Here are Volume Marketing, Manchester we use digital PR as one of the many tools at our disposal to generate relevant backlinks and improve search engine rankings. Unlike traditional PR coverage, the impact of digital PR is highly measurable and delivers real ROI for our clients. By analysing and interpreting each campaign, we can work together to generate even better results over time.

If you would like to find out more about how digital PR could work for your brand, then get in touch today.