Social Customer Service

Social customer service is the practice of using your social media platforms to respond to and resolve your customer’s queries and concerns. Channels can include social media posts, direct messages and online review platforms such as Facebook, instagram TikTiok, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Importance of Social Customer Service

Social customer service is no longer something that is optional. In today’s digital world, if your customers need advice, support or just have general queries, they expect to be able to communicate with you via your social media channels. The best customer service is tailored to your unique audience’s needs and allows you to ensure that your audience receives a personalised, timely and personalised response. 

Building relations with customers via social media is an essential element to your brand’s success due to its leverage on brand loyalty and customer connections. Tapping into conversations happening across the digital landscape allows you to tune into what your audience really needs and can provide an in-depth understanding of what customers and prospects are saying about your products and services vs the competition. 

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How can social media improve customer service?

Making use of social media for customer service enables your brand to have multiple channels to communicate from, making it easier for all customers to find you, submit queries and have these resolved in a timely manner. Every customer journey is unique, some customers need more attention than others and some may prefer to use social media as opposed to a formal email or phone call.

The point of social customer service is that your business can be reached by members of your audience, whether it’s by direct message, on Facebook messenger or just by mentioning your brand in a post, tweet, video or review. 

Social media customer service does more than just keep your customers happy and engaged. Having open social channels with active communication enables customers to see you being a proactive brand, which results in increased customer loyalty, and increased conversions.

Social Customer Service Manchester 

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