4 reasons TikTok should be part of your social media strategy

Social media

Through the use of social media apps, our attention spans have gotten smaller – constantly scrolling, and refreshing, in the search for something new and exciting. TikTok (formally known as Musically) has come to provide us with exactly that. 

So what is TikTok? It’s a social media platform used for creating, sharing and exploring 15 second – 3 minute short videos. It has quickly become one of the fastest-growing apps on the market since it was launched, growing exponentially, with hundreds of millions of users across the world. What originally began as a millennial and Gen Z hub, has evolved into a diverse, engagement hotspot, that can be used to reach millions of people in ways that haven’t been seen on any other platform. 

If you’re still not convinced, here are 4 reasons we think TikTok should be a part of all brand’s marketing plans in 2022: 

Great Organic Exposure 

TikTok provides ample opportunity for organic exposure. You may overlook this, and focus on paid exposure due to the immediate coverage and result in comparison, however, this can have the opposite effect on social media platforms such as TikTok. 

The audience on TikTok are there because they enjoy it. Users find pleasure in aimlessly scrolling and seeing their ‘For You’ page curated content specific to their interests. Paid content is often contradictory to this – and often isn’t what they want to see at all. 

Posting regular creative and relevant content is the best way to curate great organic exposure on the platform, using viral sounds, adopting current TikTok trends and adapting them to fit your brand and audience, and creating ‘challenges’ with a specific hashtag. This is a great method as it’s entertaining for the audience but also draws in creators to complete the challenge, and share to their followers creating massive amounts of exposure, at almost no cost.

Nearly every audience is on the platform

Content on TikTok is extremely diverse. There are now what are described as different sides of TikTok, which are relevant to particular interest or niches. For example ‘PlantTok’ is the part of TikTok where creators and watchers enjoy all things foliage or FoodieTok which surrounds all things food, from recipes, and restaurant reviews, to even watching people eat – there is a side of TikTok for everyone

Communities have been found for every interest group, and most brands will find that the foundations for their category or products are already in place, and rather strong, and with more and more brands using TikTok – this is only going to increase. 

An audience can be gained very quickly

With the number of users growing daily, the vast amount of audience groups, and the number of time users spend on the app daily, it’s not surprising that an audience can grow incredibly quickly on TikTok. Many brands have turned to TikTok for their marketing campaigns and gained millions of views almost instantly, which in turn often creates huge amounts of new customers and conversions. 

Thousands of Nano Influencers at your fingertips 

Finding influencers on other social platforms can be tricky, especially those who fit well with your brand culture and ethos – and when you do, they are often extremely established and sometimes way out of budget. However, on TikTok, there are thousands of nano-influencers, for all niches and interest groups. The platform allows anyone to quickly and easily build a community around their content, with extremely high views in a short period of time – using nano influencers on TikTok may be the answer to your influencer marketing needs. 

Do you need help integrating Tiktok into your marketing strategy? We can help you understand and navigate the vast and exciting world of TikTok, helping you attract your audience, and stay one step ahead of your competition. Get in touch to speak with one of our experts.