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TaylorMade Finance SEO

The Brief: Get us to page one of Google for our industry keywords

TaylorMade Finance are mortgage brokers with a difference. Their individualised approach means that they can offer a bespoke service to their clients rather than a ‘one size fits all’ package. In the days of face to face meetings it was easy to let their friendly, informative style do the talking. However with the majority of people now starting their mortgage search online, they were finding increasingly that they were losing out to the big financial brands and consolidators who could afford large PPC budgets and traded on their brand awareness.

It was clear that a different strategy was required and it was concluded that, as with most industries, being on page one of Google for the most relevant and often searched keywords would be key to their future success. As a relatively small, regional broker TaylorMade knew that getting on page one for mortgage related terms was unrealistic to achieve on a UK wide basis. However, they were keen to achieve first page rankings for the same terms in Manchester.

The Solution

The consistent application of on-site and off-site SEO techniques to increase visibility and deliver top rankings

Our SEO process starts with a series of discover sessions and extensive keyword research, looking at not only the client’s keywords but those of competitors and other industry stakeholders. We also undertake a complete digital audit looking at site visibility, organic traffic volume and current search engine rankings in order to achieve a benchmark to assess ourselves against moving forward. The starting point for TaylorMade Finance was a monthly visitor figure of around 1200 with organic search supplying approximately 300 of these visitors or 25%. Overall the site had a very low visibility rating and barely any rankings in the top search engine pages.

In order to turn this around, our strategy needed to address all areas of the website encompassing content optimisation, link building, disavowing links, on-page and off-page SEO techniques. As with all SEO campaigns there was no one magic bullet to achieve success, but by working consistently across all these aspects of the website, and constantly adapting our strategy as competitors vied for the top slots, we have been able to get TaylorMade to page one for all their desired keywords and kept them there month on month.

Since our starting point traffic overall has increased by 220% to over 3800 visitors per month with organic traffic now accounting for over 2600 per month (an increase of 750%). Overall visibility of the site now stands at 25% and most importantly TaylorMade are on page one of Google for their chosen keywords.

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  • SEO Strategy

  • On-site SEO

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  • Link Building

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