Why learning coding from a young age is so important

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In today’s digital age, programming is at the heart of so many things that we do day-to-day. Coding allows us to gain a real understanding of the logic behind the items we are using. Teaching children coding from a young age will allow them to be in control of the technology they are using, seeing it from a logical standpoint, rather than as a passive user of the technology. 

There is a predicted shortage of coders for the future, a shortage that will only become more apparent as the digital space evolves whilst the skill is not being taught as part of compulsory education. Even today, there is a severe lack of individuals who understand coding and can provide these in-demand services. As time goes on, the inability to code could hold someone back as much as the ability to understand basic maths does today.

Here are just a few reasons why we think learning to code should start as early as possible:

Coding is an international language 

Coding is a universal language. Children who learn code are speaking a digital language, allowing them to speak the language as others who know code across the world. Children are growing up in a world with software all around them, so they need to be able to speak these languages from an early age. 

Coding is a key skill for future job roles 

Coding is a part of almost every job role. Whether you’re a web designer, software developer, a customer success manager, a designer, a digital marketer or an IT technician, they all require technical skills. Whilst not all children will become coders (in the same way that all children who learn science in school, won’t necessarily become scientists) the majority of them will use these skills in whatever career path they may choose.  

Learning is easier when you are younger 

You’ve heard the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well whilst this isn’t necessarily true, it does lend to the theory that when we are younger, our minds are more open and flexible, meaning we are able to learn things easier, and quicker.  Learning coding is a bit like learning a foreign language, and consequently it is easier to take on board whilst the brain is growing and developing.

Learning coding encourages critical thinking 

Learning to code is great for building critical thinking skills. Critical thinking involves analysing a problem and breaking it down into separate components to logically find a solution. Programming is excellent for encouraging pupils to think of creative solutions to a problem, which helps to naturally stretch the mind’s flexibility. 

Coding teaches that there is more than one right answer 

In life, there is not always a black or white answer. Coding encourages pupils to maintain the mindset that there may be another answer to their problem. Steve Jobs once said “coding teaches you how to think” – multiple attempts of fixing an issue means they will use various techniques until the problem is solved. This mindset can also benefit them in other areas of their studies too. 

Coding permits creativity and collaboration

At a young age, imagination runs wild, when playing with their friends and their toys. Learning to code allows children to harness this imagination and creativity to create or modify games or apps that reflect their own imagination, creating their own digital worlds. It also allows them to work together, sharing ideas and concepts that excite them, allowing them to create a virtual world or project that is entirely their own. 

When you look at how the world around us is developing and how reliant we are on all things digital, it becomes clear that coding is an extremely useful skill to possess. Every day, more and more businesses and organisations are relying on computer coding, meaning children who learn how to code will have the advantage of more employment opportunities for them in the future regardless of the industry they decide to enter. 

Teaching children this key skill early will mean that in the years to come the supply will match the demand. Being able to understand and use coding is a skill that is needed in any digital agency. As the digital world progresses, more and more businesses will turn to digital marketing to enhance their business performance – this means that the demand for coders and developers is only due to increase.

At Volume, our website development team use coding in every aspect of their daily tasks and we are always on the look out for young developers to add to our team. If you are interested in joining our team we would love to hear from you.