5 Web Design Trends to Look Out for This Year

Web Design

As we begin to progress through 2024, the world of web design continues to evolve, bringing new trends to the forefront. Staying ahead in this digital era means keeping an eye on the emerging styles and technologies that are shaping how websites look and function.

From the retro design revival to the incorporation of advanced AI and interactivity, here are what we believe are the key web design trends to look out for in 2024.


Revival of Retro Design

2024 sees a comeback in retro design elements in web design. This trend is about bringing back the look and feel of the past but with a modern twist. Think of it as using styles from the 70s, 80s, or 90s but making them fit for today’s web. It’s a fun way to make websites stand out, offering a break from the usual modern designs. This trend is perfect for brands looking to add a bit of nostalgia and character to elevate their digital presence.


Enhanced Interactivity and AI Integration

As we move through 2024, web design is set to take a leap forward with enhanced interactivity and AI integration. Websites are becoming more interactive, offering users engaging experiences like never before. This isn’t just about flashy effects; it’s about making websites more responsive and intuitive. AI is playing a big role too, helping to personalise user experiences based on individual preferences and behaviours.


Focus on Accessibility and Inclusivity

The emphasis on accessibility and inclusivity in web design is more important than ever this year. This trend involves designing websites that are easy to navigate and use for everyone, including people with disabilities. It’s about ensuring that web content is accessible through screen readers, offering alternative text for images, and creating user-friendly navigation. This approach not only meets legal standards but also shows that businesses care about all their users.


Bold Typography and Innovative Fonts

Web design looks set to shift towards bold typography and innovative fonts in 2024. This trend is about using large, impactful text and creative font styles to grab attention and convey messages powerfully. It’s more than just choosing a pretty font; it’s about making typography a central element of design. These bold choices in the font can set the tone of a website and help brands express their personality.


Dark Mode and Low-Light User Interfaces

Dark mode and low-light interfaces are becoming a big deal in web design this year. This trend is all about offering a sleek, modern look that’s easy on the eyes. Aside from aesthetics, it’s practical too. Dark mode is excellent for reducing eye strain, especially in dimly lit environments. Plus, it can save battery life on mobile devices. By giving users the option to switch to dark mode, websites are becoming more user-friendly and considerate of different viewing preferences.

All the web design trends above offer fresh, exciting ways to enhance user experience and website functionality. As a web design Manchester-based agency, we at Volume Marketing are excited to help you incorporate these trends into your website.

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