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The Brief: Deliver website traffic through content marketing

Prep Perfect was born when the founders spotted a gap in the market for healthy prepped meals delivered to people’s homes. From the start the ethos of the business was to make planning and eating a healthy diet within everyone’s reach, and so promoting informative messages about exercise and weight loss was high on the agenda. Many of Prep Perfect’s original customers were those fitness enthusiasts who had been introduced to meal prep at their local gym, but Prep Perfect also wanted to reach out to a wider audience who were simply looking for a way to eat healthily whilst holding down a busy job or looking after a family.

The challenge was to create an ongoing programme of blogs and inspirational articles that would satisfy people’s quest for information around the topics of health, diet and fitness. The content needed to have a broad appeal and be cleverly curated to contain keywords that would capture those searching for subjects in and around the health & lifestyle sector. The ultimate objective was to increase traffic to the website from new users and establish Prep Perfect as a source of honest information for those looking to improve their daily diet and fitness.

The Solution

Content strategy focused on inspirational blogs and thought leadership pieces

As with all digital marketing, our starting point was to develop a keyword list designed to capture all the searches used by the potential customers that Prep Perfect wanted to attract. This included audience groups looking for food plans to aid muscle gain, weight loss or weight maintenance, as well as those simply looking for the convenience of meal prep as part of an overall healthy eating plan.

From this point we were able to develop personas for the different target audiences and plan a range of articles centred on general topics surrounding health, diet and fitness. As each audience group had slightly different needs, we made sure that the planned content was designed to cover each separate area on a rotating basis. Each topic was carefully selected to match the criteria and then written with keywords in mind, so that we could attract those looking for the answers to their health and diet questions.

This strategy has shown that to attract those right at the start of their buying journey, providing a source of information and guidance is a much better tactic then trying a direct sales approach. For Prep Perfect providing an educational role was a route that fitted well with their company philosophy, and content marketing has provided the ideal solution to introducing them to a wider target audience and increasing organic traffic to their website.

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