Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing audits are an in-depth review of your brand’s previous and current online marketing performance. They are designed to identify which of your marketing channels are working, how your website is performing, and to highlight critical areas of leverage for maximum results.

What does a Digital Marketing Audit look like?

A digital marketing audit works to provide facts about your current performance to enable you to make informed decisions on what to do next. It can cover a range of different data analyses, but a good checklist to start with would include:

  • Website UX and performance audit 
  • Site health check
  • Website visitors/conversions analysis
  • Content analysis 
  • SEO performance/search engine rankings
  • Social media review
  • Paid advertising audit 
  • Market size/trends review
  • Competitor analysis 
Digital Marketing Audit
Digital marketing Audit

Why are Digital Marketing Audits Important?

A thorough audit should help you understand how to use your digital channels more effectively than before, organise objectives and improve on ROI. Although it can be seen as a luxury when budgets are tight, an audit can help you save money in the long run. It can also be used as a benchmark from which to measure performance. Some of the key benefits of a digital marketing audit are:

  • Revealing weaknesses and gaps in your marketing activity
  • Highlighting ad performance and areas for improvement
  • Helping you gain a better understanding of your brand engagement 
  • Letting you see your position in the competitive landscape
  • Allowing for informed decisions on business upscaling and expansion 
  • Focusing on opportunities you may have previously missed


Digital Marketing Audits Manchester

If you’re looking to analyse and improve your digital marketing strategy, a digital marketing audit is a fantastic place to start. Our digital marketing team in Manchester have a wide range of specialist skills and are expert at conducting digital audits and delivering marketing insights. We will take a deep dive into your marketing channels, from your social platforms to your website. Our auditing service will help bring an extra level of clarity to your marketing efforts, as well as performing competitor analysis to get a clear picture of how you are performing in comparison.